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Gain access to world class talents when you need them.

7  Average number of certificates per employee

7 Average number of certificates per employee

10+ Years average team member experience in software development

10+ Years average team member experience in software development

8  Average number of projects per client

8 Average number of projects per client

6+ Years on the market

6+ Years on the market

Many companies struggle with high costs associated with hiring additional resources, especially when experiencing a sudden increase in the work volume. They also may have problem with finding the right candidates fast enough. Our tech talent services can solve those issues. We provide an almost on-demand access to the verified professionals with a wide range of technological skillset.

Depending on your needs we can:

  • Delegate immediately our in-house resources to your project to work as an extension of your in-house team
  • Give you access to our existing pool of verified candidates where you can select the people, we hire for you
  • Analyze your requirements, build the matching profile and recruit the right candidate for you

In any case we can present you with the candidate or candidates that meet your requirements within 1-8 weeks from the time we start the partnership. All our resources are remote. This way you can be sure to get the best talent based on their qualification rather than geographical locations. Our candidates are mainly based in the PST and CET, and they are available on a part-time or full-time basis.

Our recruitment process guarantees that you will work only with top tech talent, with the desired level of seniority, soft skills, language competences and the right attitude. We have multiple years of experience in providing our clients with the most talented IT professionals.

Use our flexible tech talent services and be sure that your team receives full support from the people to create innovative solutions that position your company as an industry 4.0 leader.

See what you can achieve with the support of top-notch IT professionals

Here's how our tech talent services can benefit your business


Using our tech talents to enhance your in-house team gives you the flexibility of recruiting professionals just for the period or project you need them for. We provide personnel for both short and long-term projects, on a part-time and full-time basis.


We help bring scalability to your IT operations by allowing you to provide as many professionals as your needs dictate, in a hassle-free manner. You and your teams can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about who will get the job done or the hiring cost and workload.

World-class expertise

Our candidates will quickly bridge the seniority and skill gaps in your IT department. We provide vetted and industry certified experts to help solve your tech challenges. We use a meticulous recruitment process to make sure they belong to the top 1% of tech talents available.

Time and cost savings

With our help, you can gain access to top-notch tech talent while saving up to 8x hiring time and 80% recruitment cost when compared to hiring locally.

Efficient use of internal resources

When you employ the services of highly skilled professionals through our staffing solutions, you’re sure to reduce the amount of time required for staff management. There will be no productivity wasted in looking for candidates, freeing internal resources for other important purposes.


Throughout our partnership, we always operate with an open-minded and transparent approach. You can count on our professional approach and dedication to your success. Always knowing what you can expect from us allows you to plan your strategies better and with confidence.

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