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How digital technology can help you solve major business challenges in 2021

Digital technology is helping soften the impact that COVID-19 has had over businesses. We discuss how this situation can impact your business and the opportunities that may arise.
Abdultawwab A. Ibiyeye

What is digital security and why it matters now more than ever

Learn about how uncertainties caused by the pandemic can make your business a subject of cyberattacks and what you could do to stay digitally secure.
Abdultawwab A. Ibiyeye

How to significantly improve team productivity with workflow automation

Discover how workflow automation and robotic process automation (RPA) with Microsoft tools can help you improve your ROI through better team productivity levels.
Abdultawwab A. Ibiyeye

Staff augmentation as a service versus software development as a service – which solution is best for your business?

Choosing between staff augmentation or SDAS model shouldn't be an overly tricky task. Find out which is best for you as we analyze both models in detail.
Magdalena Chiaravalloti

All you need to know before selecting tech partners

Outsourcing can be a productive and optimal method for carrying out software development projects. We discuss strategies to achieve the best results when working with tech partners.
Abdultawwab A. Ibiyeye

Five smart methods to guarantee a successful test automation maintenance process

Fix your software testing nightmares by getting the best out of test automation with our recommended software testing tips.
Abdultawwab A. Ibiyeye

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