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We are a multinational team of individuals who believe that with the right knowledge and approach, technology is the answer to the challenges that business face today. We have been bringing this knowledge and approach to our customers since 2016, helping them translate technology into their success.

Bertoni Solutions was founded in 2016 as a software development company.

With Swiss roots and our own development team in Lima and throughout the region, we offer the best of both cultural areas: the talent and passion of Latin American professionals combined with Swiss organization skills and mindset.

In the recent years our organization has grown, offering new services like IT staff augmentation and digital transformation solutions. We've helped companies from various industries to turn their pain points into a competitive advantage.

Gold Partner Microsoft
Partner Cámara de Comercio
Partner Swiss ICT
Partner Kaspersky


Support companies in their technological and cultural transformation by providing consultancy services and innovative high-quality solutions designed and developed by our experienced and certified team of professionals.


Be recognized as a reliable and trustworthy partner for businesses who need support in their digital transformation by solving our clients’ daily challenges with innovative and user-centric solutions.

Our core values are the cornerstones on which we build our business culture. They define our leadership framework and guide our daily decisions.


We take the commitment to our customers very seriously. When working with us, you can count on our support, availability and focus to help you reach your goals. We believe there is no success without commitment.


We cultivate a growth mindset, practice continuous learning and constantly deepen our expertise. We claim quality in each step.


Maintaining an open-minded and flexible approach helps us understand our clients' pain-points and challenges. This way, we design and build effective solutions that are a direct answer to your needs.


You can have complete confidence in our teams' reliability, synergy and vast practical experience. We work together to reach your goals.


Together, we continue to build an inclusive community devoid of any discrimination. We’re committed to creating an environment that respects race, age, gender, religion, and cultural differences.


We have and live an open-door policy that applies to our teams and our partners. We believe that transparency and sincerity build trust and that trust is a cornerstone of successful relationships.


Our aim is to deliver truly innovative and customer-centric solutions. A continuous learning mindset and our partnerships with some of the world's most innovative companies, keep us up to the date with the newest trends and technologies.


Assuming responsibility for our work quality enables our personal accountability and growth. Responsibility for the promises we give makes customer satisfaction the ultimate goal of our services.

Meet the team behind your success

Skilled software and quality assurance engineers, agile project leaders, DevOps specialists, digital marketing experts and talented UI/UX designers

Mario Bertoni

Founder and CEO

José Ángel Labbad

Project Manager & Senior Developer

Michael Nuñez

Technology Manager

Henry Cangalaya

Senior Developer

Carlos Abreu

Senior Developer

Javier Guerrero

Senior Developer

Jorge Ibarra

Senior Developer

Jordi Gómez

Senior Developer

Henry Moreno

Senior Developer

Giovanny Calles

Senior Developer

Gustavo Lozada

Senior Developer

Kevin Nava

Senior Developer

Ezequiel Moneró

Web Developer

Rodrigo Lara

Web Developer

Gianni Espinoza

Web Developer

Juan Andrés Grullon

Mobile Developer

Marcelo Carbonel

.NET Intern

Oscar Rojas

.NET Intern

Flor Campos Flores

Senior QA Engineer

Jennifer Álvarez

QA Engineer

José Miguel Arráiz

Human Resources Manager

Natalia Liberatoscioli

IT Recruiter

Andrómeda Madueño

IT Recruiter

Ana Lucía Falcón

IT Recruiter

Christopher Harbaum

Human Resources Intern

Magdalena Chiaravalloti

Business Development Manager

Carolina Palacios

Marketing & Sales Strategist

Isabel Vega

Digital Marketing Manager

Ursula Haltenhof

Digital Marketing Specialist

Edith Castillo

UI/UX Designer

Lisa Bardeck

Translator and Copywriter

Abdultawwab A. Ibiyeye

Technical Content Developer

Anny García

Digital Marketing Intern

María Vega

Digital Marketing Intern

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