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Tailored software solutions for modern business

Our IT experts take over the complexity of executing your projects to build a cost-efficient and personalized solution with fast time-to-value, thanks to our agile approach to software engineering.

Discover our set of software engineering solutions

With our set of software engineering services, you can augment your software development in-house capacity and speed-up the execution time for your IT projects.

A modern product development process

We understand the complexities of software engineering projects from a global perspective and identify solutions that add significant value to your end-clients. You can choose the level of control you'll have over the project and developers, and we’ll help you get your project delivered on time, every time.

Ensure the success of your product with comprehensive QA testing services

Our software quality assurance & testing services cover activities like QA strategy design and QA process improvements. We also perform functional, integration, compatibility, performance, usability, security, and compliance testing.

Convert your ideas into market-ready digital product solutions

We have a strong background of working with companies in non-technical industries, helping them launch their digital products on time and within budget.

  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Web Applications Development
  • Desktop Applications Development
  • Cloud Applications Development

The heart of your product is innovation and we are with you every step of the way.

Our tech stack

We have been using these technologies and frameworks to provide innovative and customer-centric solutions for businesses in multiple industries, and we can do the same for you.

Frameworks & Certifications

Extreme Programming
Disciplined Agile
PMBOK 6th edition
Work with us to take full advantage of our knowledge and expertise:
Experienced team of full-stack developers and project managers
Refined requirements definition and estimation process for precise planning
Complete transparency on work status at every stage of the project
A mix of manual and automatic tests to balance speed and quality


"They managed to improve the solutions compared to the one we first thought about. The way they were able to organize the project structure was of a huge value!"

Alain M.
Manager Digital Solution Architect
Hawa Sliding Solutions AG

"Their agility and versatility are most formidable."

Lead Custom Software Solutions & Partner
IT Company

"They provided top talent which suited the needs of our business."

Daniel Moor
Senior Software Engineer
3M (Schweiz) GmbH

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the technologies your software engineers use and which development methodologies they follow?

    We follow agile software development values and principles, supported by some traditional project management practices defined by PMI. We work mainly with technologies like ASP .Net MVC, .Net Core, Xamarin, React, Node.js, Angular, jQuery, and Java. Additionally, thanks to our growing pool of verified candidates, we maintain flexibility in terms of technologies we can cover for our clients. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to provide you with suitable solutions.

  2. I have a project I would like to realize with a fixed price and scope - can I use your service for it?

    Yes! We provide our services in different models of cooperation, always going an extra mile to meet our clients' needs and demands. For the project with specified scope and budget you can run your own requirements engineering processes to clarify the requirements and the development costs, or we can do it for you.

  3. How are collaborations managed for overseas clients, particularly where the time gap is substantial?

    The combination of software tools and best practices allows seamless collaboration regardless of the time gap. We use tools like Azure DevOps for requirements management where you can see each issue status in the backlog. At the end of each sprint, you can see a new version of your product to give feedback and prioritize requirements for the next sprint. Additionally, for each project we work on, we set time for the internal meetings and syncs with the client, where we show progress on the product and review the planning.

  4. To make sure our processes and values align, can we have a trial period before committing to a long-term contract?

    We offer the possibility of a trial period. The specific form of it depends on the type of the project at hand. It can be a fixed period of time or defined number of sprints. We are confident that once you give us a try, you will have no doubts about our further cooperation.

  5. How can I keep track of the project’s progress and ensure that time is properly managed?

    Depending on your wish, we can either provide access to the tools we use for tracking, or we agree on a daily/weekly report structure. If you have your own tracking software we can use your system directly, as if we we’re working from the same workspace. You can also interact directly with our project manager and team members to obtain instant feedback.

  6. I am interested in working with you and wish to learn more. Where can I find additional information about the specific services you offer?

    Our software engineering services are the foundation of our company. We provide them in a variety of flexible models of cooperation. Use the contact form to request more information.

  7. How can we start working with you?

    Starting working with us is easy! If you already know what services you want to use, just leave us a message here and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you consider us for your partner, but you are not sure which solutions are the best fit, or have some questions - you can submit your inquiry here. We are always eager to hear from you.

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