Success story | IT Staff Augmentation - The Solution to Capacity and Skill Shortage
Success story

Skill shortage solved: Swiss software company finds success in long-term collaboration

Uncover how our IT staff augmentation services empowered a software company to overcome talent capacity and skill shortage issues, improving productivity, and achieving successful outcomes.

Their team of experts has been an invaluable resource, and they have worked closely with us to ensure that our projects were delivered on time and within budget. Bertoni Solutions has become an invaluable extension of our team and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

* Customer confidential - subject to NDA
A man using a laptop, visualisin g different projects in collaboration with Bertoni Solutions

In 2023 we celebrated 7 years of working together with one of our main clients – a Swiss technology company. We started small, lending expertise and software development muscle in a project that needed an additional workforce. The software company was impressed with the quality of work, the agility delivered by our team, and the speed at which they were able to complete the project.

As a result, the software company decided to extend our engagement and continue to work with us for their future software development needs. Since then, we have been working together on an increasing number of projects, helping them maintain flexibility while meeting their customers’ expectations.

* Customer confidential - subject to NDA
Project type
  • Software Engineering
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Since Nov 2016
  • Over 36.000 hours
  • 1 Mobile application with web interface for the backend
  • 2 Desktop applications
  • 22 Web applications
Main industries
  • Government
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Private
  • Security
  • Retail
Client situation

Our client is a Swiss technology company specializing in IT infrastructure solutions, IT services, and software development. Back in 2016, they had multiple software projects going on simultaneously and were struggling to keep up with the workload.

They needed to speed up the development of the web application for one of their key clients from the governmental sector. After discussing the end client's specific requirements, project goals, and technology stack options we provided a team of highly skilled IT professionals to help them.

Even though our developers joined the project from another time zone, the collaboration went smoothly, and we were soon invited to work on the next assignments.

Person using laptop visualising different stages of collaboration with Bertoni Solutions

We agreed on work together under our IT staff augmentation services, developing some projects from the beginning, or taking over some projects from the previous provider or from the client's internal team. This model of cooperation gave our clients the flexibility to use exactly the type and amount of support they needed per assignment.

We supported our client with the allocation our internal resources like project managers, programmers, engineers, and designers to projects when they have a shortage of workforce or lack of skills. We have worked together on 25 projects with successful results. Of these, 8 were long-term projects, some of which are still ongoing, serving clients in a variety of industries, including insurance, construction, and government.

Thanks to our assistance they streamlined the processes of software development, QA and testing on multiple projects in parallel. Our client recognized us for our versatility, expert knowledge of advanced technologies, and agility. Their clients were impressed with the speed and quality of work delivered, resulting in increased client satisfaction.

Person using laptop with graph on screen, symbolizing successful 7-year partnership with Bertoni Solutions

In 2023 we celebrated 7 years of working together, serving them as a dedicated and reliable software engineering partner. Throughout our cooperation, we have been delivering value beyond developing software solutions.

  • Agile approach:  we deliver new features each sprint for early customer feedback, making the process faster and the product better.
  • Flexibility and adaptability:  using our service, the client could pay a fixed price per deliverable making our collaboration more flexible for them.
  • Improved processes and collaboration:  our process is transparent, providing complete project status visibility down to the ticket level for our clients.

The software company was able to leverage our IT staff augmentation service to access our internal workforce of talented people across a range of different technologies and platforms, which enabled them to complete their projects quickly and efficiently.

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