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Microsoft Solutions Consulting and Support

Enable your digital workforce with Microsoft 365 Suite

Let our consulting and support services help you integrate Microsoft tools seamlessly and use them to their fullest potential.

Microsoft solutions are designed to provide the productivity and efficiency boost you need

Use our consulting and support services for a seamless integration and optimized usage of Microsoft tools. You will receive all the help you need to turn their products to a real productivity solution for your business.

The help you need to turn Microsoft 365 Suite to a real productivity solution for your business

We can help you integrate a full suite of Microsoft applications to boost your teams' productivity and efficiency while ensuring maximum data security.

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Take full control of your file sharing and communication channels

You can use our SharePoint and Teams implementation and support services to transform your business into modern workplace and redefine the meaning of efficient collaboration.

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Use our expertise to make most of your Microsoft tools:
Assist with chosing the best Microsoft Solutions for your business
Help with obtaining licenses and set-up
Support in migration of your data and processes to Microsoft Solutions environment
Ongoing staff training to ensure correct adoption of Microsoft 365 app & tools


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We've been losing productivity and our teams can't collaborate efficiently. How can your Microsoft Solutions consulting and support services help?

    Microsoft solutions are designed to provide the productivity and efficiency boost you need. With tools like Microsoft 365 Suite, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, your teams can speed up processes while communicating and collaborating seamlessly. From our side, we make sure that the tools are correctly integrated and your staff trained to use the tools in a manner that brings the desired results. Find out more on how you can increase team productivity by using Microsoft tools to automate business processes here.

  2. Can Microsoft tools be implemented in an end-to-end manner to help us collect, store and protect our customer data in one go?

    The Microsoft 365 family of products has capabilities for seamless interoperability. From different platforms and different locations, you can obtain, store and process data under one ultrasecure platform.

  3. Our company size is scaling rapidly. We might need to upgrade our subscription plan from time to time. As our Microsoft Integration partner, can you provide us with a flexible solution?

    For businesses like yours, we have a transition plan as the basis for implementing their Microsoft service packages. We offer free migration and upgrade to businesses whose needs are frequently changing.

  4. Sometimes we have to work from different locations or even remotely. Can you help us use Microsoft Solutions to work together seamlessly?

    We have been successfully using Microsoft products to build and expand our remote and distributed work environment since 2016. We can help you integrate Microsoft tools and train your teams to use them in an optimized way. With an easy access to documents and applications from multiple locations and the ability to work across multiple devices, your teams will be able to work together regardless of their physical location, without facing communication issues.

  5. Some of our personnel may have difficulties using MS solutions after the implementation. Do you provide training services to support us with that?

    After implementation, during the transition period, our Microsoft certified experts will provide continuous training and support to your staff. Additionally, our gold level partnership with Microsoft gives us the ability to share premium training resources and adequate knowledge for the effective usage of the Microsoft solutions.

  6. Our systems and technologies are old and might not support the integration of the recent suite of Microsoft solutions. Will this result in larger investments for new equipment?

    Before implementation, our experts carry out an assessment of your systems to provide the best solution that matches your vision. This step is followed by a carefully developed implementation strategy that takes your current setup into account to minimize your investment and provide the needed upgrade to your business processes.

  7. How can we start working with you?

    Starting working with us is easy! If you already know what services you want to use, just leave us a message here and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you consider us for your partner, but you are not sure which solutions are the best fit, or have some questions - you can submit your inquiry here. We are always eager to hear from you.

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