9 Benefits of IT staff augmentation for your business
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9 Benefits of IT staff augmentation for your business

José Miguel Arráiz
José Miguel Arráiz
Human Resources Manager
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IT team augmentation has grown to considerable prominence as a key option for businesses seeking to boost their tech capabilities. Leveraging the services of an IT staff augmentation company comes with a host of advantages, and we will go through them one by one below.

Can IT team augmentation help a company to remain flexible and agile?

According to studies, the talent gap in the US has tripled in the last ten years and will see the US short of 85.2 million workers by 2030. Considering that 38% of American workers opt for freelancing rather than traditional full-time employment, the situation is only getting more serious.

More businesses across various sectors are turning to staff augmentation as a solution to this problem for the following reasons:

  • Hire the right people as needed to secure additional economic opportunities.
  • Minimize risks while optimizing resources and results.
  • Implement effective project management strategies.

9 Benefits of IT staff augmentation for your business

Now that we understand how crucial staff augmentation is to an IT company, let's examine some of its advantages.

    1. Enhanced flexibility cuts costs and saves time

Hiring short-term workers for specific projects can be a significant time and cost saver. With IT team augmentation, you only pay for the hours worked, reducing overall employee expenses. This approach eliminates the concern of paying full-time employees during slow periods or scrambling to find tasks for them.

Research indicates that bringing an expert engineer on board as a full-time employee typically takes approximately 42 days, potentially resulting in a productivity loss of about $41,049. Opting for short-term, augmented personnel can significantly reduce these expenses, reducing the time and money spent on recruiting, interviewing, and training new staff members.

    2. Instant access to a larger talent pool and specialized skills

Say goodbye to months of training for less experienced in-house employees to meet your company’s development needs. Augmented staff are industry experts who can start contributing right away. They need only minimal orientation to understand your company culture before they begin adding substantial value.

Interestingly, sticking with in-house teams might limit your ability to hire top-notch talent. In contrast, IT staff augmentation gives you access to a vast network of seasoned IT professionals. This approach ensures you get access to specialized skills like machine learning, programming, data analysis, operating systems, and networking among others.

    3. Risk mitigation

Using staff augmentation can help minimize various risks. When a critical team member leaves unexpectedly, an augmented worker can seamlessly take over, ensuring no delays or loss of expertise. This method is also helpful for handling increased workloads, preventing your regular team from becoming overburdened, and maintaining high quality. By having the option to bring in skilled professionals as needed, businesses can stick to project schedules and budgets, reducing the likelihood of scope creep and resource shortages.

    4. Reduced recruitment hassles

Hiring becomes easier with staff augmentation as it eliminates the time-consuming and resource-intensive hiring processes that come with full-time employment. Companies can easily access a pool of seasoned specialists ready to contribute immediately, saving weeks or months of hunting for the perfect personnel.

Calculations done show the average time to fill a permanent position is about 42 days. During this period, productivity can suffer, and projects may face delays. With staff augmentation, businesses bypass these hurdles, allowing for faster onboarding and immediate impact.

    5. Focus on core activities

Another benefit of IT staff augmentation is that it enables companies to offload non-essential tasks to external experts strategically. Thus, companies are allowed to zero in on their main business goals and strategies. This shift is essential for firms looking to improve their market standing and foster growth.

When businesses assign specialized or additional tasks to augmented staff, their internal teams are freed from these responsibilities. This enables the core team to concentrate fully on key business activities like strategic planning, business development, customer engagement, and innovation. This focus ensures that the company's primary objectives are met more efficiently and effectively.

    6. Scalability

Many software firms aim to grow their operations and capture opportunities in a thriving market. Yet, they often encounter hurdles such as financial constraints and potential setbacks, particularly when relying on rigid traditional staffing methods.

For SMEs grappling with fluctuating work demands, staff augmentation emerges as a viable solution. It enables you to bring in additional talent on a project basis precisely when the need arises, and for the specific tasks you require. With this approach, you avoid the need for a full-time workforce while sustaining your developmental endeavors and reaching your objectives.

    7. Navigating geographical challenges

In today's global landscape, businesses often struggle to find the right talent locally while balancing cost considerations. Fortunately, staff augmentation offers a solution by facilitating the recruitment of skilled specialists across different regions, alleviating the burden of conducting extensive searches.

70% of executives view geographic diversity as a key driver of innovation and business growth. By embracing staff augmentation, companies can tap into diverse talent pools worldwide, fostering creativity and driving competitive advantage.

    8. Improved management of company operations

Soaring operating costs can be disastrous for emerging and small firms, particularly if profitability remains elusive. Although establishing full-time internal teams might increase output, it often comes with a hefty price tag, posing a conundrum for these enterprises.

IT staff augmentation is an avenue to bolster operational efficiency while curbing costs. With this approach, you sidestep the need to juggle tasks among permanent staff or continuously invest in their skill development. This not only streamlines team management, saving you time and effort, but also affords you greater oversight of your company's day-to-day operations.

    9. Enhanced project transparency

A clear view of project progress is essential for teams to meet their objectives and milestones successfully. Unfortunately, many companies overlook this aspect, leading to poor planning, unclear goals, and unrealistic expectations. This is where staff augmentation teams play a crucial role, ensuring timely updates and progress tracking.

This external talent pool not only delivers optimal results tailored to their expertise and complements the core team's efforts, but they also bring valuable experience in managing tasks, ensuring completion, and providing regular progress reports. This approach facilitates better organization of project information, enabling team members to understand the project's entire lifecycle and current status more effectively.

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