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Dedicated Teams

Jump-start your project with a commited team of experts.

7 certificates per
7 certificates per
10+ years software
10+ years software
development expertise
8 projects
8 projects
per client
95% client
95% client
retention rate

Dedicated team services are a cost-optimal choice for companies that need to outsource the project with an unpredictable scope, or who want to start work quickly and do not wish to get involved in the lengthy recruitment process.

Our dedicated team service provides you with an unmatched level of flexibility. We tailor the team exactly to your needs, with the level of time-engagement per role that you require.

In this model you can expect:

  • Team’s full alignment with your company working culture and values
  • Deep understanding of your project and commitment to your business goals
  • Streamlined communication with the team and full control over the project development
  • Support of experienced and certified agile project manager

A continuous learning mindset is one of the key aspects we consider when hiring, righ next to the technical skills. Our employees are always up to date with the newest trends and best practices.

With our dedicated team service, you can count on our team’s performance, backed by the experience of our entire organization. The team working for you is linked to our internal resources, drawing the support and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Entrust your project to our dedicated team of professionals and enjoy the results of this collaboration.

Hire our team of tech experts and bring your innovative ideas to life faster

Here's how our dedicated teams services can benefit your business


Using our dedicated teams service to augment your staffing needs, you have experienced professionals working together to help reach your defined goals. These people have a team chemistry and a deep understanding of your company values, project and business goals.


Hiring an entire team with our help saves you a lot of time and trouble and minimizes the risk-associated cost related to testing new markets.


When the project workload suddenly increases or there is a need for additional skills, we can quickly add resources to the team.


We are always very transparent about the terms of agreement. We also cultivate an honest and proactive communication within our teams and towards the customer. All this gives you peace of mind because you know what to expect, everything is communicated in an open manner.


Our dedicated team service gives you an upfront knowledge about the resource cost, which leads to a higher project cost predictability. You can use this insight for a more accurate ROI estimation and tracking.


Using our dedicated team service gives you the same flexibility as if you were managing your own employees. You don’t have to worry about the requirements or scope change at any time. Our agile teams take dynamic alterations as a part of the process, which translates to fast and painless adaptations to any change.

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