Success story | 3M Health Information Systems
Success story

Efficient tech support: tech talents deliver excellence for 3M Health Information Systems

Discover how our IT experts augmented the in-house client support team of 3M Health Information Systems.

Woman in white coat using laptop computer

3M Health Information Systems is the global leader in software and consulting services for healthcare. The Swiss branch needed to increase their capacity to offer post-sales support to their clients.

We have been working with them as an extended workforce since 2017, helping them maintain a fast response time and high standards of tech support.

Service type
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • 2017 - ongoing
  • Senior IT Support Specialist
Required skills
  • IT systems knowledge
  • Knowledge of the health care providers’ administrative processes
  • Swiss-German, German, French, Italian and English
  • Experience in B2B support
Client situation

3M Health Information Systems supplies Swiss hospitals with software for clinical documentation and medical coding, which are part of the administrative process linked to invoicing and revenue control. They also offer their clients ongoing support, helping them ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Following their market expansion, 3M Health Information Systems needed to increase their capacity to provide support for their growing client base. The task was challenging because it required candidates with strong technical knowledge, soft skills like conflict resolution, and the ability to work under pressure. Proficiency in English and the three main official languages spoken in Switzerland was also essential.

A man providing client support and ensuring high-quality customer service for 3M

We started working with 3M Health Information Systems in 2017 as a part-time extension of their team before changing the mode of cooperation to a full-time basis.

In their client-facing support role, our senior IT support specialists make updates to end-clients’ installed software, solve problems the clients may have, and gather their feedback for potential product improvements. They provide support to hospitals and clinics in all required languages: Swiss-German, German, French, Italian, and English. They make sure that 3M maintains their high-quality customer service and a standard response time.

A computer screen displaying code on a desk, representing IT staff augmentation services

By working with us, 3M Health Information Systems resolved their need for an increased client support capacity in a fast and flexible manner. Our IT staff augmentation solution, as opposed to hiring internally, made their administration processes simpler.

The pay-per-service model allows for the adjustment of the scope of the collaboration offering the potential for scalability.

With the extended workforce, 3M Health Information Systems filled the capacity gaps and allowed the company to maintain productivity and avoid interruptions also in the holiday periods. Increased client support staff availability improved their technical service delivery and enabled them to successfully expand.

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