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Success story

FERROFLEX Group's e-commerce mobile app: empowering data management, captivating new audience

Learn how we helped the FERROFLEX Group gain competitive advantage with a state-of-the-art custom e-commerce solution

The FERROFLEX Group e-commerce app was already recognized for its excellence: it was submitted for the Best of Swiss Apps 2022 Award and was one of the 47 pre-selected projects out of 195 applications.

Reed and white building with red roof, belonging to FERROFLEX Group

Our client, the FERROFLEX Group, a construction materials supplier based in Switzerland, wanted to create a highly customizable and flexible mobile solution that would help to connect the unique needs of FERROFLEX with the best e-commerce standards to deliver a new experience for their current customers and reach a younger and digitally native audience.

They need more than just a product availability tool. The project entailed designing and building an E-Commerce mobile application from scratch that would work on iOS and Android and had a broad set of custom functionalities.

The outcome of our cooperation is a state-of-the-art custom-built application that stands out from all the current solutions in their industry.

Service type
  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • E-Commerce Mobile Application
  • Iterative model
  • 22 sprints
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 3 Mobile Developers
  • 2 Back-end Developers
  • 2 Senior QA Specialists
  • 1 Project Leader
  • 1 Solution Architect
Main technologies
  • Xamarin Forms
  • .NET 5.0
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Microsoft Azure App Services / Function
  • SOLR
  • NopCommerce
Client situation

The FERROFLEX Group team wanted a mobile application that would improve the customer experience and operations and boost sales, but their system situation was very complex. Following their growth and expansion, the FERROFLEX Group had more than 20,000 customers and more than 400.000 products, with a multitude of individual/island systems, each of them holding part of the data. It meant that in order to correctly display information and transfer orders, we needed to implement data-gathering mechanisms and interfaces to various systems.

They decided to work with Bertoni Solutions because of our experience in delivering modern cloud-based solutions with complex architecture, and because of our lean way of communicating and collaborating.

API diagram showcasing components of an app. Created for FERROFLEX Group by Bertoni Solutions

Solution Architecture

Product discovery

The FERROFLEX Group team conducted extensive market research and a comparative analysis of 40 applications used in the market. They came to us with a strong business case and a well-defined list of requirements. The requested functionalities were already demanding, but an additional back-end problem required a sophisticated solution.

To guarantee the organization, processing, control, and availability of the information in the app, our team created an intelligent mechanism to unify data and get it to the app from different sources. The final architecture consists of several cloud technologies with eight modules and four third-party modules connected by a reliable and auto-scaled API service running on Microsoft Azure Cloud. It allows the connectivity between the data sources and all the services offered by the mobile application.

Showcasing the diverse functionality of FERROFLEX Group's mobile application by Bertoni Solutions

The FERROFLEX Group mobile application is a custom e-commerce solution that uses some nopCommerce features. It was a complex project in terms of its uniqueness and functionality, but our team managed to overcome the challenges and deliver a range of valuable features:

  • Real-time availability for products in stores and for delivery.
  • Registration with ERP data for existing clients.
  • Separate management for private and business clients, including price personalization.
  • Extremely fast barcode scanner.
  • Select between pick-up and delivery, with a choice for delivery address or pick-up store location.
  • Payment methods: credit card, invoice, and cash for in-store pick-up.
  • Product catalog with variants.
  • Quick search bar.

The app makes work easier for employees and contractors and offers a great experience to customers. The FERROFLEX Group e-commerce app was already recognized for its excellence: it was submitted for the Best of Swiss Apps 2022 Award and was one of the 47 preselected projects out of 195 applications.

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