IT Staff Augmentation: A Comprehensive Guide
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IT Staff Augmentation: A Comprehensive Guide

Isabel Vega
Isabel Vega
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Statistics show that the global IT industry will generate $1,701 billion in revenue in 2027. One major problem, despite this growth, is that there need to be more of the right IT professionals to go around.

Companies face the challenge of hiring the right talent, which mostly comes down to skilled vacancies or time-consuming recruitment cycles. In this blog, we are going to discuss IT staff augmentation as a strategic way to bypass these obstacles, illustrating how it contributes to the success of your projects.

What Is IT staff augmentation?

IT resource augmentation is a strategy where businesses temporarily bring in external workers to support their current squad. This method serves to overcome the lack of specialized skills without hiring day-to-day staff. Companies have to rely on IT staff augmentation services as a solution to hire skilled external experts for temporary stints to satisfy project tasks, skill gaps, and deadlines.

Reasons to choose IT resource augmentation

Businesses must utilize technology to boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability to stay competitive. IT resource augmentation enables companies to bring in an outside team that works together with their in-house team to assist in completing assignments, filling in competency blanks, or fulfilling project needs without notice.

In this way, IT team augmentation allows you to tap into the global IT resources that are not present locally. Appointing an entire IT team for your project saves you the additional expense of training and handling your permanent employees.

IT staff augmentation models

When considering IT staff augmentation, it is helpful to understand the different types available, each serving specific needs within a project.

    1. Commodity staff augmentation

In this model, a company provides professionals based on general project requirements. The focus is not primarily on the specific skill set of the professionals supplied. Instead, the emphasis lies on fulfilling basic needs, making it suitable for projects with straightforward requirements like data entry. However, internal managers ought to be prepared to integrate and train these new staff members.

    2. Skill-based staff augmentation

Skill-based staff augmentation is ideal when a project demands highly educated and experienced professionals. Unlike commodity staff augmentation, there is no extensive need for training and development activities, as professionals hired under this model already possess the required skills.

Effective collaboration between existing team members and the new staff is crucial here to ensure seamless integration and project success. While this model does not necessarily require extremely high-level skills, businesses should look for vendors offering multiple engagement models to meet their project's specific requirements effectively.

    3. Highly-skilled staff augmentation

This model is reserved for projects that require professionals with advanced skills in software development, data analysis, or cloud-based solutions. These professionals typically hold certifications validating their expertise in their respective fields.

Before implementing this strategy, businesses need to have a clear understanding of their project’s deliverables and objectives and a realistic assessment of the need for expert workers. This approach ensures that projects with advanced technical requirements have access to the specialized skills needed for success.

How to choose the right IT staff augmentation model for your business

Selecting the appropriate staff augmentation model depends on your project needs, budget, and timeframe. Here are some actionable steps to guide you in choosing the right staff augmentation mode:

Assessing staffing needs

Start by understanding your development team requirements. Do you need software developers to fill skill gaps within your engineering department? Alternatively, are project managers seeking additional engineering resources to meet project deadlines? Every company's staffing needs are unique. Whether you are looking for product designers or front-end developers, analyzing your organization's staffing needs is crucial.

Researching provider expertise

Evaluate the expertise of potential IT staff augmentation services providers. Review their credentials, work history, and client testimonials. Companies should ensure that the provider has relevant expertise in their field and can effectively manage staffing challenges during project development or execution. Consider consulting past clients to gauge satisfaction levels with the provider services.

Understanding contract types

Consider the type of contract offered by the staffing vendor. Tailor-made agreements cater to the specific needs of your business and demonstrate the provider commitment to understanding your development environment. Avoid standardized contracts that may indicate a lack of experience or resources to handle your project effectively.

Prioritizing security

When choosing a staff augmentation firm, prioritize data security. Ensure the provider implements proper security measures, including NDAs for remote or on-site staff and thorough background checks.

Examining communication protocols

Evaluate the staffing provider's communication protocols. Clear and transparent communication fosters uninterrupted workflow and allows for effective progress monitoring and team management. Look for a provider with a simple and defined communication protocol that can be tailored to your business's specific needs.

IT staff augmentation vs. Outsourcing

Here is the difference between IT staff augmentation and outsourcing in a straightforward manner:

IT staff augmentation

When an organization chooses to use IT staff augmentation, it brings outside expertise to its current workforce. This entails bringing in experts to work with internal staff temporarily.

Additionally, it's cost-effective and customizable, as companies can tailor the augmentation to specific needs without committing to permanent hires. With a focus on resources, staff augmentation enables companies to adapt quickly to changing customer demands.


Outsourcing involves contracting an external company or service provider to handle specific tasks or projects. Unlike staff augmentation, outsourcing typically involves transferring the responsibility for completing a project or a portion of it entirely to the external provider.

Outsourcing typically follows a conventional business-to-business (B2B) model, where the client engages the vendor for specific services or deliverables.

IT Staff augmentation process

IT Staff Augmentation process can be challenging. However, we have listed the steps the IT resource augmentation process involves:

Step 1:

You need to clearly define the staffing and project needs of your organization. What skills and experience does your internal team lack?

Step 2:

Research and choose an IT staff augmentation services provider based on their expertise in your industry and compatibility with your company culture.

Step 3:

Work with the vendor to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the external staff members. This includes outlining their specific tasks, deliverables, and how they will integrate with your internal team.

Step 4:

The vendor will recruit suitable candidates based on your defined needs. You will probably be involved in the interview process to ensure a good fit. Once hired, the supplier will manage the onboarding process for the new employees.

Step 5:

The external staff will contribute to project execution alongside your internal team. You will monitor their performance, provide feedback as needed, and ensure smooth collaboration.

Why Bertoni Solutions can be the ideal it staff augmentation partner for you

If your company needs to fill skill gaps or expand your IT team, Bertoni Solutions is the go-to choice. Our flexible IT staff augmentation services are designed to fit your needs perfectly. By offering access to top-notch experts through different cooperation models, we provide the scalability and control your projects require.

You can count on our meticulous hiring procedure, which guarantees that you will collaborate with only the top IT specialists. Bertoni Solutions links you with front-end developers, back-end professionals, and data experts who are at the top in their respective industries.

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